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Kait Ivy

Hello there ^_^ I’m Kait! 22 years young. Florida girl! Striving to become the best version of myself. Vegetarian. Fitblr newbie :))) This blog is going to follow my personal fitness and dreadlock progress, as well as any other goals I come up with along the way! Keeping art, music, and love in focus. Questioning everything. Livin' the dream.

HEIGHT: 5'5.5" HW: 169 lbs
SW: 158.8 lbs CW: 136.2 lbs
GW1: 145 lbs GW2: 135 lbs
GW3: 125 lbs

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Chris Pratt isn’t the only star who hit the gym for Guardians of the Galaxy.


Live and Let Die


i am so pro-selfie

you take those selfies.

you take those selfies and look cute as heck

you take those selfies and build your self confidence

because you are cute as heck and you deserve to be confident in yourself because youre an awesome person

if anyone says any differently they are a rotten cabbage who doesnt know anything

now go take more selfies so i can reblog them and talk about how gosh darn cute you are



this is why the world is beautiful, maybe its just me but i find this cool as fuck

"Your kid says hi." -The sun