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Kait Ivy

Hello there ^_^ I’m Kait! 22 years young. Florida girl! Striving to become the best version of myself. Vegetarian. Fitblr newbie :))) This blog is going to follow my personal fitness and dreadlock progress, as well as any other goals I come up with along the way! Keeping art, music, and love in focus. Questioning everything. Livin' the dream.

HEIGHT: 5'5.5" HW: 169 lbs
SW: 158.8 lbs CW: 140.8 lbs
GW1: 145 lbs GW2: 135 lbs
GW3: 125 lbs

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140point48 Asked:
Looking great Ivy! Hope the yoga lessons are helping out

My answer:

Thank you so much ^_^ I still have about eleven days left of the yoga 30-Day Challenge lol but I will (hopefully) get around to that soon!

nymphomystic Asked:
How long were your dreads in before you combed them out?

My answer:

They were only in for about six months before I combed them out. They formed surprisingly quickly, but I did not separate them out very well initially, which caused scalp strain and infection. Hope this helps! ^_^


quick fixes for a shitty day
- brush your teeth
- exfoliate
- sort out your eyebrows
- do your laundry
- change your sheets
- hug a fluffy thing
- eat a snack
- reach out to someone even if it’s just a text
- get naked and dance a lil

Starting to collect some items for my summer music festival adventures 😎 #Wakarusa #TomorrowWorld #musicfestivals #music #UrbanDecay #Forever21 #EDM

After a week of combing out my dreads, my hair is finally FREE :))) so stoked to get my hair done sometime this week ^_^